Today I went to a seminar in the lounge of my residence hall called 'Sex on the Pool Table'. It was a generic lecture on making safe sex fun and an intaresting excercise in social masturbation. It was a strange comentary to watch the ways in which people were vocal about their sex lives. I think that a lot of people spent a whole lot of time trying to hide their insecurities by bragging about their own performance in bed. I am not saying that they don't nessecarily have anything to brag about but I remember my own bragging and although I have always felt that I was at least good enough in bed my bragging didn't reflect reality at all. But now I am in a different place in my life and I don't feel the need to brag, even though my technique has only improved I say less. Americans are really strange about sex; it is my understanding that countries like sweden don't make it the kind of taboo that it is here and as a result they have a lower teen pregnancy rate and people are safer about diseases. I can only speak about America from direct experience but I don't like the way people are about their own sexuality here. I don't think that it is emotionally or physically healthy. I am not trying to make a comentary about promiscuity here; I think that as long as all involved parties are consenting (and I mean realy consenting) then there is nothing wrong with sleeping around a bit. It is more about the atitude that people hold towards sex. Americans seem to have a lot of sex that they don't really want to because they feel obligated, because they feel like they aren't allowed to say no or because they aren't given the facilities to think critically about their own sexuality before they are in the act and they don't know what they want.