I support our troops.
I don't support the government's choice to invade Iraq.

Those two statements aren't mutually exclusive.

I support our troops
(I want all of them to come home safely to their families)
I don't support the government's choice to invade Iraq.

(I think this is going to be another never-ending "police action")

I protest the war with Iraq, that doesn't make me any less American that you. I think our whole "plan" in Iraq is a steaming pile, and I love my country. I've started avoiding the TV news because I don't like them spoon feeding me what the government has spoon fed them, and I fear for the lives of our people and theirs. One of the Dixie Chicks said she thought the war was a bad idea, and a bunch of pinheads decided she should have to appologize for excercising her right to free speech!

This country was founded by people escaping poverty, famine, and religious persecution. Now, we denigrate any country that doesn't do what we tell them. We foist poverty on entire nations of people because our governement doesn't like their government. And, as an atheist, let me tell you I feel persecuted by people who want to keep the "Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance. They say "it's part the tradition" - never mind that we did without that "tradition" for over 150 years.

I'm your next door neighbor. We know each other as decent and honorable people. One of us believes in America and disagrees with the government, the other believes in America and agrees with the government. So, which one of us is less patriotic?

I thought you'd say that.

I disagree.