The process by which almost any edible substance is made even better. My personal theory of cooking states that if a certain food sucks, frying it will almost certainly make it less sucky. Frying can be applied to almost anything - vegetables, meats, poultry and seafood, even ice cream. Fried ice cream is the best example of this theory. If you fry ice cream, it makes it better, which is amazing, because how could ice cream get any better?

A list of certain foods that are made better by frying:

  • tomato
  • squid - I've had this prepared many ways, and calimari beats them all, hands down.
  • ice cream - ice cream with a crunch!
  • chicken
  • fish - flounder, red snapper, swordfish, etc.
  • potato - french fries!
  • MarsTM bar
  • onion - fried onions, onion rings
  • mushroom
  • beef
  • pork - pork rinds, pork skin, etc.

    note: "better" in this sense obviously does not have anything to do with healthiness. remember to keep it all in moderation, folks.