Dai Zong is a character in the classic Chinese novel Outlaws of the Marsh. He is called the Marvellous Traveller because of his magic walking technique that enables him to travel 800 to 1000 miles a day on foot. He earned respect as being a fair and just superintendent of a prison. While trying to be fair to a prisoner he is implicated by corrupt officials and is forced to join the rebels.

He becomes a major chieftain and heads intelligence operations. Most of the time he is sent to deliver messages and perform reconnaissance due to his speed. He is often sent to follow small dispatches to keep an eye on them in case they get in trouble.

His magic technique involves blessing papers with inscriptions. He then affixes them to his shins. He usually attaches four papers, two to each leg, to reach his maximum speed. On several occasions he only attaches two so that the other two may be used on someone else, both persons moving at half the maximum velocity. In this fashion, Dai Zong can command the legs of the other person. He does this to teach Li Kui a lesson in an amusing episode.

Dai Zong is an admirable character not only for his abilities but his honorable ideals. To this end, he is one of the most memorable characters in the novel.