Re*con"nois*sance, Re*con"nais*sance (r?-k?n"n?s-s?ns), n. [F. See Recognizance.]

The act of reconnoitering; preliminary examination or survey.

  1. Geol. An examination or survey of a region in reference to its general geological character.
  2. Engin. An examination of a region as to its general natural features, preparatory to a more particular survey for the purposes of triangulation, or of determining the location of a public work.
  3. Mil. An examination of a territory, or of an enemy's position, for the purpose of obtaining information necessary for directing military operations; a preparatory expedition.

Reconnaissance in force Mil., a demonstration or attack by a large force of troops for the purpose of discovering the position and strength of an enemy.


© Webster 1913.

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