Cerrone, the band, was mainly composed of Jean-Marc Cerrone and Alec R. Constandinos. Their first success, Love in C Minor could be considered the blueprint for the disco to come. The beat is exactly what people mean when they say "disco beat." Cerrone and Constandinos parted their ways after this, to each their own success.

Jean-Marc Cerrone himself is the most influential European disco producer, second perhaps only to Giorgio Moroder. He followed 1976's success with 1977's Cerrone's Paradise, which was a continuation on the themes set before, namely sexuality. After having already introduced the soulful string arrangements in Love..., he would followup in 1979 with the archetypical euro-disco stylings of Supernature. The synths frolicing over the kickdrum at the forefront started a tradition continued to this day with eurotechno. While superficially it was closer to Moroder's synth-driven style, it had a warmer, funkier approach.

The disco backlash in the United States prevented Cerrone from placing any more entries on the Billboard charts, but his popularity thrived in his native Europe. He continued to release albums, as well as the club classics Je Suis Music and Rocket in the Pocket, and my personal favorite, Trippin' on the Moon Suite. Cerrone's influence can be heard today in practically all dance music.

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