Today I joined the community and wrote my first 4 WUs. No survivors. Many people messaged me though, mostly creative criticism. When I at some point figured out that the Chatterbox actually contained messages for me, I immediately stopped posting. Some of the basics were explained to me, and generally I saw and talked to a lot of helpful people - especially liveforever who offered to be my mentor, which I of course accepted.

The result of these conversation was a fifth WU in the E2 Clueless (Newbie) Mistakes To Avoid node. This WU was meant to describe my mistakes that day, which were the following:

  • Rapidly posted nodes in the same context will most likely affect the perceived credibility of your WUs.
  • My WUs were too subjective, not really making the point for anybody other than myself.
  • They were all too short - which hardly makes for a good read.
  • Boring WUs will not survive.
  • Good formatting is definitely required to make a good WU.

Eventually, this WU was nuked too. Don't node about nodes - got that now. :)