There are several (computer) games related to Dune.
  • Dune was made by Cryo ( in 1991 (iirc). It is perhaps best described as an RPG. Shows quite a lot resemblance to the movie and the book. For the IBM PC.
  • Dune II was made by Westwood Studios in 1992, and is in no way related to the Cryo game. This game is generally considered the first real time strategy game for the Amiga and the PC. Prequel to the famous Command and Conquer series. Hardly any resemblance here.
  • Dune 2000, also by Westwood Studios, was released in 1998. This is basically a revamped Dune II built around the Red Alert engine.
  • Dune also has MUDs. Try telnetting to (port 4201), (port 4201) or (port 8888).
  • Dune is also available as a CCG, developed by Last Unicorn Games in 1997. It's based on the movie. It's also out of production since 1998.

There are also three different versions of the movie Dune. The theatrical release is about 2 hours and 10 minutes long, the Alan Smithee version is about 2 hours and 47 minutes long and the third version supposedly is the same as the Alan Smithee version, except that the scenes are in a different order. "The three hour Dune has many extra lines of dialogue added which were previously removed, as well as a few extra scenes. However, as this version was released intended for television only, several scenes were edited out as they were considered too gruesome for young children to watch."