Today was snowy, and I got to walk around in my new white jacket. It makes me look like a giant marshmallow, I think but I haven't been looking in many mirrors lately. I tend not to when I am as unkept as I am today.

All the people in class were whining about the snow, but, damn. It was beautiful. It was the huge flakes. C says he waits for the pink strawberry flakes and I told him to stay away from the lemon flavour ones...

I put up a bunch of Ben's pictures on the giant mirror next to my bed, which I somehow avoid looking at while I enter the room. The pictures are great. Even the 'big face' one. There is one with him dressed up in shiny clothes which is one of the best pictures of him; he actually looks like my memories of him. LDRs are difficult.

I missed one of my classes today. The woman(prof) is too stupid - she talks to us like we are kindergarten students. She is not intelligent at all but a nice person. I didn't sign up for university to be instructed by nice people damn it! I know how to be nice so fuck off. 3 people said to me today that they can't wait to graduate. Yeah, me too.