The LSAT stands for the Law School Admissions Test. It has five 35 minute sections:

Logical Reasoning: There are two logical reasoning sections in the test; most people try to study it more than the others. They present an argument and then test to see if you follow the author's logic eg:

Psychiatrists and laypeople agree that the best sort of adjustment is founded upon an acceptance of reality, rather than an escape from it.

Which of the following would probably weaken the author's point?

A. Psychiatrists and laypeople do not often agree.
B. Reality is difficult to define.
C. Escaping reality has worked for many.
D. Accepting reality is often traumatic.
E. Psychiatrists' definition of reality and laypeople's definition of reality are different.

This section isn't too bad. Your worst enemy in this test is 35 minute time limits; this is one of the few sections I finished. (answer=C)

Analytical ReasoningThis section is supposed to test your ability to analyse based on a group of conditions. Usually you have to use a chart eg.

Two boys(Tom and Sal) and two girls (Lisa and Molly) each receive a different one of four different passing grades (A,B,C,D) on an exam.

Both boys receive a lower grades than Lisa.
Sal did not get a B.
Tom got a B.
Molly did not get an A.

If Molly received the lowest grade, Sal must have received:
A. The A
B. The B
C. The C
D. The D

Analytical and reading were the longest. Most people I talked to were lucky if they even started the fourth and final part of the section. You are supposed to be able to get a good mark despite not finishing...(Answer=C)

Reading ComprehensionYou get a reading sample (between 400 and 600 words) and asks you to interpret the main point, the author's tone etc. This section is startlingly easy, except very long. Sorry, but I don't have the patience to give an example.

Experimental SectionThis section is to measure the effectiveness of certain questions for future tests. It is not part of your total mark. When I wrote it the Experimental was another Logical Reasoning section, so I had three of those in all.

Writing SampleThis section was ridiculous. It usually gives you two options and you must make a decision and then justify it. Mine was how to choose an artist for a gallery showing. One was an up-and-coming young artist and the other was older, more established but pretty much on his way out. It was the gallery's first showing and their future basically depended on this showing. Flaky? Yes.

Anyway, the best way to study for this test is to take practice test after practice test. They are often available through University libraries. You can also get those pricey little books, like I did:

*Reference: Barron's Pass Key to the LSAT