A legal emulation pack of games produced for the Intellivision, put out by the original programmers of that system, the Blue Sky Rangers. It is the ultimate collection for the classic gaming or Intellivision enthusiast, as it includes:

Edited from http://www.makingit.com/intellivision

Versions are made for Windows, Macintosh, and Playstation, among others. The windows version will not run under NT, and the Playstation version has terrible stability and control issues, but all in all it is an excellent value for the price. Three free downloadable "packs" containing three games each are downloadable from the site. They are a lot of fun, and bring back much classic gaming nostalgia. I'm glad that someone finally brought this system to emulation, and legally, making it all the better.

Alas, I can now relive the many lost hours trying to subvert the underwater beast in Shark! Shark!, or the endless twitchy fun of Astrosmash. Ahh the days.