Hewlett-Packard, in an interesting move, recently bought back the california suburban garage where the company was started for several million dollars, to keep as a part of their company's heritage (and to use in advertising). William Hewlett recently died at the age of 87. He, and the late David Packard founded the company in 1938. Together in that Silicon Valley garage, they helped build one of the largest and most successful tech firms out there, and helped to establish Silicon Valley as the technical center that it is.

It was William Hewlett that gave Steve Jobs the start he needed with his first tech job. Steve called Mr. Hewlett at home, one day. The next, he had a job. Bill Gates looked up to him. The management and leadership style set by that company was widely recognised as pioneering, and has fathered a new generation of companies.

Today they are the recognized leader in desktop printing, while of recent trying to get into more "whiz bang" technology as one analyst on CNN a while ago put it. They are already a recognized name in PC sales (not as much so as Dell or Compaq, but still quite large), and in the Unix world as a major vendor. Their new ads reflect the invigoration of new ideas and practices into an old, yet still agile organization, something many companies try to achive, and many fail to maintain.

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