A very stylish manga series by Kia Asamiya which spawned 2 movies and a TV series of the same name. The series is set in the future complete with hover cars and holographic computer screens. However, the focus isn't so much on technology (although the tech designs are pretty awesome), but demons and exorcism. Once again, Tokyo is being menaced by evil, this time in the form of Lucifer Folk—demons bent on destroying the world via Tokyo. Tokyo's answer to these paranormal predations is the Attacked Mystification Police, or AMP. In the movies the AMP consists of:
  • Rally Cheyenne - chief
  • Lebia Maverick - Rally's lackey
  • Kiddy Phenil - cyborg
  • Nami Yamigumo - exorcist
  • Yuki Saiko - telepath
  • Katsumi Liqueur - successor to the demon sword Grospolina

    The movies are of obviously higher quality than the TV series despite the fact that they were made several years prior to the TV series (early 90s vs. late). Both movies and the TV series were animated by Studio Tron (chiefly consisting of Asamiya and Michitaka Kikuchi).