Python regius: a breed of python that will curl up tightly when threatened. Commonly about 3 feet long.
I took care of a ball python named Original Sin over winter break my freshman year in college. His owner told me that he would probably only eat once in that month, and ate live mice. My sister was horrified.
When it seemed the snake should be hungry, we got 3 mice (feed mice) and put them in the tank. I named them Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. My sister was horrified. She hit me.
Sin was not interested. Eventually, i left them in the tank as i went away for a couple of hours. When i came back, the mice had started munching on the snake! I was horrified.
Sin survived. Soon after i fed him a dead Lunch, he got a little less timid, and started to molt. The sores on his back made it a little difficult for him.