We made it to Corfu(Kerkira) and fled The Pink Palace as quickly as possible. We headed for the small town where twentyone years before Dinah and David had settled briefly in their young hippie travels, and had a son - Alex. Tiny town was hardly a town, and its single taverna was owned by the archetypal island residents: Spyros and Maria. They spoke no english, but their daughter, 30-something, spoke some, and translated roughly the stories Maria told about taking care of infant Alex while Dinah had late nights of fun, drunk and happy. They gave us glasses of Ouzo, and a liter Coke bottle of Spyros' 7-day wine.

The next morning, we went to the taverna for breakfast, and Alex told us what to order: apparently before Dinah came, they had never eaten scrambled eggs, but before she left it became a fixture on the taverna menu - called Eggs Dinah.