He may also have been fired because he said "fuck" on live network television. Or so the story goes.

Norm always went for the obvious joke.

If the headline had something to do with Marion Berry, the punchline was crack.

If he was talking about either Clinton, the punchline was all about sex, drugs, or marital woes.

If the joke had anything to do with murder, surely Norm would lead it back to a very obvious O.J.-related comment.

And so it goes. In fact, give me a day's worth of news and I'll tell you exactly what Norm would do with it.

What's worse is that his successor, Colin Quinn, who has exhibited talent in the past, follows the same schtick....only his delivery is worse.

Sniff sniff. icicle spends a lot of time watching older episodes of Saturday Night Live and lying prostrate at the gravesite of American satire.