At the USAP base on Ross Island at McMurdo Sound, Antarctica, environmental duress is communicated via a three grade system akin to the DEFCON levels of military preparedness.

Condition Three

All personnel are free to move about outdoors in all approved areas without wearing special cold weather gear.

Condition Two

Any person outdoors must wear full CDC issued ECWs, emergency cold weather gear. Personnel must follow designated flagged routes only. Winds can reach 50MPH with blizzard conditions.

Condition One

Outdoor travel is prohibited. Personnel outside must seek immediate shelter. Near white out or white out conditions. (Winds can exceed 100MPH, if the base is under a cyclonic storm called a herbie.) All base personnel are restricted to the building they are in when Condition One is called, and must remain in that building until Condition One is lifted. Condition One parties are now authorized provided enough tequila is left from the last party.