Herbie Popnecker, the Fat Fury, was the superhero of his eponymous comic book in the early 1960's. As a character, he had little to commend him: he was fat, lazy, and none too bright, the kind of kid that fell asleep in class and always brought up the rear in Phys. Ed. when they got everyone to run around the field. He had sleepy eyes, coke-bottle glasses, and a too-short fringy haircut reminiscent of Jerry Lewis.

Until he got his lollypop...

At this point, anything could happen. He might throw a lion over his shoulder, just for kicks. He might punch out a charging rhino, or court a woman in flawless Mandarin Chinese. Or he might, just might, hack out a solution to whatever the problem was.
His startled parents never caught on that their son, who "ate when he slept, and slept while he ate" was actually keeping the Known Universe in check. All they knew was he was home for bedtime.

His chronicler, once was asked what ever happened to him.

His answer: "Time passed. He grew up. And he was strong. And handsome, and thin, and tall. Everyone wanted to be his friend. And he ended up writing stories for other children."

I'm crying....

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