Hey, my job is giving me a cell phone! woo hoo!
I already have one, but I don't ever pay the bill, so it's basically just a waste of money, but shit now I'll look cool. I'll have two phones I don't pay for!

I am the least responsible person in the world!

last night I stayed up until 4:45 in the morning playing PowerStone. I am so stupid!

I can honestly say being completely unmotivated is causing some problems in my life. It's funny though, I lie to myself all the time, like: "Ahh, what a beautiful Sunday, I think I'll go to the beach, work on my tan, make myself a terrific meal, wash my car, and go for a 5 mile run." And every single time, that translates into "Smoke a little pot, smoke a lot of pot, then walk over to the movie theater and drool." Who knew?
I went to the gym though yesterday, not to work out, but to check if my account was still active. I haven't gone there in months! See, after my ex-girlfriend left me, instead of improving/bettering myself, I decided to smoke a lot of pot, party, and play Dreamcast all the time. Now, I've put on 15 pounds. And it's not that I'm fat, but I'm definitely starting the beginnings of a gnarly double chin. It's fabulous; I think I'm getting to the point where I relate more with fat folks. Like we've both got the right idea about life.

In other news, a cute girl is interested in me and calls me every few days, comes over & such. This is the sort of thing where everyone knows she likes me and talks about it/ speculates whether anything's going to happen. I try to tell girls now, "Hey, you know, I'm really a deadbeat. Lame as they come. I'm not going to call you. Seriously, I don't call people. You won't be the exception. I'm entirely self-centered and content with throwing my life down the crapper." Still, this doesn't seem to have any effect on the situation. Truthfully, when I think about it sometimes, I say to myself, do you want to work to build a great relationship with this girl, or do you want to play video games? Ironically, I tell myself, shit I'll call the girl tonight! Then, I get home, settle down, and bang play 7 hours of Dreamcast. So obviously, I don't want a girlfriend, and it must somehow be for the best!

Oh boy, my ex from New York just signed on IM. She just got back from Vegas. I could have met up with her there, but I guess that whole thing fell through. She was a good girl, and I sometimes miss what we had.
Party on, dudes.