I don’t journalize any more. Often I don't when I am happy and content, but that is definitely not the case these days. Maybe E2 took away the need for self-expression, but I'm not noding any longer, either.

Dead in the water, that’s me. Becalmed, but in the nautical sense, not the emotional meaning. Not going anywhere, no wind beneath my wings.

Funny how a year plus of Everything2 affects my journalizing. The above paragraph has mixed metaphors and that disturbs me. As does the fact that it is contains incomplete sentences, strictly speaking.

I just spent a few minutes making the last paragraph more accurate, more grammatically correct. Damn E2! I started out for a little self-pity session in my private journal and now I’ve forgotten what my gripe is.

I played with 150 words for a while and my mood changed. Well, duh,dummy!.