In the late 80s Margaret Thatcher's Government in Britain attempted to introduce a poll tax for financing local government. This was aimed to replace the older rates system whereby the amount a household was charged was based upon the value of the property in which they lived.

The "Community Charge" (as it was officially called) caused widespread popular resentment as it meant that every adult in an area paid an equal amount. For example I knew a stockbroker who lived in a large 5-bedroom house while next door a similar house had been subdivided into eight flats; the occupant of each flat (some of whom were students) each had to pay the same amount as the very wealthy stockbroker next door.

Public protests against the Poll Tax grew, culminating in an enormous demonstration in central London in 1990 which was attended by between 250,000 and half a million people. The strength of popular feeling was such that eventually the Conservative Party was forced to abolish the poll tax and ultimately to remove Thatcher as Prime Minister.