To most sane, rational and intelligent folk, Marmite is of course the by-product of an extraordinary sociological experiment. The experiment is very simple: produce a substance with the appearance and consistency of tar, add various flavourings to ensure that the taste is unbearable, and then package it up neatly and place on supermarket shelves to see just how gullible the average consumer really is.

The fact that people can be persuaded to buy anything has been amply borne out by the fact that jars of this vile, inedble stuff regularly get bought by people who've been taken in by the marketing scam that just because it has yeast in it, it must be good for you. Yeast, for heaven's sake... it's a weird fungus type thing, not multi vitamins and iron!

Further proof of the madness of eating Marmite, although not required, is evidenced by the fact that the company has registered the slogan "I Hate Marmite" as a trademark.