Now to me as a Brit this phrase has completely different connotations. Trident is a word that either implies a large forky thing that assorted sea gods use, or more commonly a type of nuclear missile. During the 1980s CND was very active in the UK in protesting against trident missiles, and it was rare for a week to go by without the news reporting the activities of anti-nuclear protestors at Greenham Common or one of the Scottish submarine naval bases.

So in my mind, a phrase such as "Who Wants Trident?" is inextricably tied up with the anti-nuclear weapons movement. It calls up images of protestors standing in fields waving placards and banners, of Glastonbury back in the days when it was still a CND benefit gig, and pictures of US troops driving around the English countryside with nuclear bombs on the back of huge trucks. Definitely no chewing gum though!