The third largest vehicle manufacturer in the world, building one car every 20 seconds and with a cumulative global output of nearly 100 million vehicles.

The company's origins stretch back as far as 1918 when Sakichi Toyoda invented an automatic weaving loom which revolutionised the Japanese weaving industry. Toyoda's son, Kiichiro Toyoda sold his father's patent to a British company and used the proceeds to invest in the upcoming industry of automotive manufacture. In 1936 Toyota launched their first production passenger car and within 12 months this became the sole trade of the company, which was renamed the Toyota Motor Company. Toyota started exporting its vehicles in 1950, and by 1959 they opened their first factory outside Japan. Today they are the 7th largest company in the world, with interests in construction, ship building and telecommunications as well as motor vehicles.

Truly a global mega-corporation, they have assembly lines in 26 countries around the world covering Europe, North and South America and Asia, and annual turnover exceeds $100 billion.