Not only have arabic countries complained about Al Jazeera, American & Israeli diplomats have also displayed concern over the types of programs Al Jazeera broad cast. Calling it "a threat to the national security for israel" as some Israeli news paper puts it.

And the U.S. wants to teach the arab world freedom of speech and freedom of press. this is what happens once it gets practiced. HAHA.

Infocom ISP was hosting Al jazeera and the web site got shut down on spetember 7 2001. which created criticisim by Al Jazeera.

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you'll get the full picture if you combine Al Jazeera coverage with CNN coverage. more than 50+ million arabs have abandoned CNN and switched to AL Jazeera since CNN have been biased towards Israel and all arabs have been complaining to that fact.


update: Al Jazeera offices were bombed in Kabul during the U.S. led air strikes in Afghanistan, wether this was intentional or a mistake is up for you to decide, when I think of the food storage place that was blown up "by mistake".