Project X was a game by Team 17 released on the Amiga. It was a code name, but like many code names it becomes what people call it and later the proper name.

It was an difficult side-ways shoot-em-up with gorgeous graphics but rather average game play noteworthy only for being exceptionally difficult. Many times enemies were so quick it was more a point of remembering the attack patterns than any natural skill (NB. This doesn't mean I'm a crap payer, I take offense to that good sir. I'll have you know I completed SWIV on my tenth go. At some points in Project X, however, it was nigh on impossible to avoid enemies - kamakazi bastards!).

The end of each level was rewarded with a high-speed horizontal flight through tiny tunnels in an "avoid the walls or die" fashion - similar to that old speccy game, Ralox.