My favorite American movie made before 1960, and still one of the most certifiably insane movies ever made.

It basically involved a fictional country called Freedonia, which happens to be very bankrupt. So the richest widow in the land Mrs. Teasdale (played by Margaret Dumont), proposes to offer 20 million dollars to Freedonia if they appoint the a new president of her choosing, Rufus T. Firefly (played by Groucho Marx). He competes with Ambassador Trentino of Sylvania (played by Louis Calhern) over Mrs. Teasdale's hand in marriage. And the competition is so fierce they go to war.

Thusly everything goes mad, full of insults, pratfalls, and lots of other fun trademark Marx Brothers stuff. Only this time it's a lot better than any of their other works. But then again all of them are great.