Beraboh Man, or BravoMan as it's best known in the US, is at heart, an over the top parody of the Japanese favorite Ultraman from 1988. Of course, Namco doing over the top in the late 80's is nothing new, as proven in Quest of Pistol Daimyo, Wonder Momo, and the Famicom port of Splatterhouse. The gamelay was of the sidescrolling level variety. And due to the subject matter, this was a huge hit in Japan, but unfortunately it never made it stateside, as Atari thought it was "too strange" to pick up the rights on.

Namco then ported the game to NEC's PC-Engine, where the game did great sales numbers. Afterwards NEC's US games department decided to pick up the game for the TurboGrafx-16 and translate it. And the translation was indeed, a very good example of engrish in video games. Or maybe it was meant to be. In any case, the original japanese arcade game is playable in MAME.

Marchen Maze -- Baraduke 2