Type: Distortion
Original Date Of Manufacture: 1995
Inputs/Outputs: 1/1

  • Level
  • High (EQ)
  • Low (EQ)
  • Mid (EQ)
  • Mid Frequency (EQ)
  • Distortion
Special Features: Parametric Equalizer.


The Metal Zone is easily BOSS's best selling pedal. It's equipped with 2 successive gain circuits, providing amazing clipping and a very tight-locked sound. This pedal can be set very well or very badly, and it's typical that bedroom sounds are the exact opposite of band-mixed sounds, especially when using this. Due to its natural inclination to have mid-range frequencies "scooped", that is to drop the mids and up the highs and lows, it generally won't cut through a mix. Most people who use an MT-2 in practice pair it up with an equalizer to boost their overall sound for the purpose of cutting through a mix. That said, this pedal is widely known for its bone-crunching distortion, and is very versatile for all styles of heavy guitar.

Information gathered from personal experience.