As the tightening in my chest unfurls
I feel this Mallory heart
Circulating fresh casino air
Blinking lights energy
Clarity, untying, I am beginning to disappear from the television
From blue eyes I see in the mirror into bright auburn orbs
Breaking the restraint of rails
Filtering the static of so many crossed wires
And my pet machine abides
Since my newest crash
Tonight I am fluttering over the keys in tempo
With will and this red button hovering in tune
Depressed with my ,...a touch
Faint, but a voice remains
More familiar than any and the ghost settles
Into my arms and
On this bedside table carves the secret
Because the light has stayed on
Beside a jar; sealed housing a model ship - I've never seen
Until tonight...
Rediscovering sight, clarity, silence
I catch a glimpse of your face as I work to break the Mason jar's seal
Whose intricate design
Blows me away before rushing back in a fluid wake
While outside my window the tops of skyscrapers are Obscured By Clouds
The air is thin on top of this hill
This night, her voice hums, my angel, I've been blind
Oh beautiful, I am sorry
I didn't know you knew
How much I loved you