Until now I was a Day Log virgin. Well, there is a first time for everything.

Today was wacky but good day. No classes today, so I could sleep long. Got up at 10 AM and called a person up in Alabama (I'm in Florida). I am taking a road trip up there this weekend with my best friend. We're going to pick up a car from my uncle.
My uncle is in the Luftwaffe (German Airforce), and was stationed for some ten years in Huntsville, AL. He was a software tester/developer for the Patriot missile defense system, a US/German joint project. Now he is going back to Germany, and I am going to get the car of my cousin, a 1991 Buick Century.
Yeah that's right, I am a college kid and don't even have a car. But it isn't my fault...I can't work here. Uncle Sam thinks I'd take Americans the jobs away. But a free car...that changes everything.

Anyway, I didn't do a lot over the day until the early evening. Basically just reading E2, hacking some Perl, fiddeling with my windowmaker, and playing some Max Payne. Then Valerie called. She has been my friend for over a year now, and she always had the weirdest boy friends. The abusive type. To be honest, I've always had a thing for her, and now it looks like she likes me too. We went to the mall together, and had a lot of fun. She tried on dresses. No matter what she wears, it makes her look sexy.
I met a lot of old friends at the mall. Kids I knew from high school, or that I met on shows or downtown. I also enjoyed fucking with people I don't know and that I'll never see again. The stupid record store didn't want to give me price labels for free. The pet shop was full of dogs sleeping in their own poo, gang-banging hamsters (their testicles are almost as big as their heads!), and weird people playing with cats in cages. I tried to buy one of the white trash trailor people, but apperantly they weren't for sale, even though they sat in a little cage. I don't get it. Then I wanted to buy a pretzel, and the pretzel shop didn't have any. They told me to go to the other pretzel stand across the mall! That's a long walk. On my way there I stopped at various stands and asked the people for directions to the pretzel vendor. One girl sprayed me with window cleaner, some guy started checking out my ass, and upon asking a cop whether or not a pretzel shop without pretzels is a felony, he told me "No." I thought false advertising is illegal. Oh well. It's a twisted world.

Today was a good day. Looks like a finally found a nice, intelligent, funny, and sexy girl. I had a fun with random people and met old friends.

Unfortunately I just turned on the TV and read the heading "America's New War". There goes my good mood.

Fight War,
Not Wars.