Though the cereal has a rather silly name, Doug Flutie takes Flutie Flakes very, very seriously. The Miami Dolphins learned this in January of 1999.

The Buffalo Bills, then quarterbacked by Flutie, played the Dolphins in the NFL's wild-card game on January 2nd of that year. It was a close contest, but the Dolphins won, 24-17. The key play in the game came late in the fourth quarter. Flutie and the Bills were on the five-yard line and in position to score the game-tying touchdown, but the Dolphins defensive end Trace Armstrong sacked Flutie and caused him to fumble away possession of the ball.

Flutie, of course, is famous for his miraculous comebacks -- none more famous than a 48-yard desperation Hail Mary pass in 1984 that gave Boston College a shocking win over the University of Miami. Thus, the Dolphins were doubly happy -- not only did they win, but they prevented Flutie from sending the city of Miami to another horrible last-second defeat.

So, when the game was over, Dolphins coach Jimmy Johnson celebrated the win by stomping on a box of Flutie Flakes in the locker room. All in good fun, right?

Wrong. Flutie was pissed.

Flutie's son, Doug Jr., has autism, and proceeds from the sale of Flutie Flakes go to a non-profit organization that helps autistic children. Upon learning of the cereal-smashing, Doug Sr. told the Associated Press, "That's like stomping on my son."

Jimmy Johnson later sent a letter of apology to Flutie, saying he meant no disrespect.