It's funny, isn't it, how useless it all ended up being? Well, I suppose you could argue that it was useless all along, but that was part of the beauty.

I used to sit sometimes and look out at all of the stuff humans had done, lasers, lost-wax bronze casting, civilization; It filled me with the same sense of wonder that we all feel as children when we first meet new parts of the world. We are the only species on a whole planet full of life that does all of these wonderful things that have nothing to do with raw survival, and that alone is a certain kind of greatness.

Honestly, when the news finally broke about what all that "junk" DNA actually does, it didn't rob me of the wonder, even knowing that there were only a dozen generations of humans left to keep doing all of these wonderful things, because I know we'll keep doing them up to the last. I like to think that the last man on Earth will still be painting pictures and dreaming of flying cars.

I suppose I have it easy. I'm not one of those folks a few hundred years from now who has to know that whatever children I may have won't be human in the way anybody has yet to define humanity.

I wonder if they'll still make art? Will they still make war? I wonder what kind of time capsules the last humans will leave them? I wonder, will our tree farms and cropped plains be buried over and turned to oil?

BQ11 - 264