a smallish creature, zoe rarely concerned herself with things she could not see. zoe, being a mere three inches tall, could scarcely see above a blade of grass and - while she didn't mind - it did leave her rather disconnected from the vast majority of the universe.

that being said, it should also be noted that most everyone is disconnected from three inch tall girls named zoe. everyone except for small children who have been known to spot her every so often. being little children, they hardly know what to do with her and so, zoe has spent her whole life alone.

zoe is not like other little girls. she does not play dress-up and bring her dolls to tea. zoe has the wildest hair of any person i've ever known. her eyes are almost always wide with excitement, and when she is sleeping you can tell she is dreaming of beasts and monsters. she is not afraid.

i met zoe one evening in late spring as i sat beneath a smallish tree, contemplating whether or not to cut the grass. i am in charge of lawn maintenance in the centerfield park and recreational area in the village of citadel. citadel is a very quiet, tiny place. very few live here. they are mostly large people with very small thoughts. i have always been alone.

she was sitting underneath the same smallish tree when i noticed her. first glance - i'd thought perhaps i had found the most beautiful bug that ever was. i flattened my stomach to the ground and slowly brought my eyes wide with excitement as close to the would-be bug as possible. zoe stared straight back into my eyes, wild hair strewn about her face. she was not at all afraid. i fell in love.