fingers s l i d e across the surface
of a thirsty tree whose leaves 
seem to f
           l only at your hands 
as if a perfect balance is achieved
disturbed only by the wind and 
the touch of a w          e r 
                   a  n d      e

breath slips from the creature
as it moves from this world
the most beautiful of departures
tainted, barely, by your watchful eyes
a sight defiled solely by
the presence of human life

as the sun drops beneath the horizon
the moon rises to join the stars
trees sway, a soft evening breeze
a careless foot ends a trilling insect
silencing a     portion     of the night
with the vacuity of tired eyes

to touch the ocean of my dreams
would be to disrupt a vision
to take the smile from your face
no less of a sorrowful act, and so
taint the world as you will..

        the joy of destruction leaves 
lost, but not cold, and 

that which you destroy will keep you warm