It's really, actually, still the twenty first, but I dislike adding to gigantical daylog nodes, so I'm just going to write here, instead. Take that, universe.

Well, I guess anyone who pays attention may have noticed my lack of noding.. this is partially due to work and more so to the fact that I've just been spewing less text as of late. Oh well..

I've been working, insulating, getting money to go to Boston and just getting money in general. It's kind of tiring.. sort of funny. Today.. oh, today, noteworthy things (or somewhat noteworthy):
  • we had a leak in the main machine, and it sprayed much like a fountain, all over the place. yay for toxic chemicals spraying crazily!
  • the hose got a whole bunch of leaks in it near the end of the day. it got all over the floor. we had to sop it up with fibre glass insulation batts. yay!
  • lots of other things i'm too tired to mention.
This daylog had potential. It could have been funny, witty, hilarious even! Unfortunately, I'm far too lame to write something like that right now.. and, so.. I'll just add one little bit before I wander off..

This morning on the way to work, we were off the main highway, down a back road and as we rounded a bend, luckily, quite slowly, we noticed that there were three deer on the road in front of us. They were startled but didn't run very fast, it was odd.. I love deer and it was amazing to see them like that, first thing in the morning and.. I think that they were the reason I managed to retain sanity today amidst all the craziness.