What is up with religious competition, really? Why do people feel they must defend their God to others, to the people who don't believe. I think it's a blatant demonstration that they lack faith. Why else would you need to push your beliefs on others? To try and get them to agree, so that you can affirm that yes in fact, your God, your beliefs, they must be right, because others believe them as well. I wish religion wasn't all about power of persuasion, about which set of beliefs seem more likely, which will really "set you free", "save your soul".

I find myself questioning religions that bother to preach what they believe to the world, especially on television. I have and always will keep my beliefs inside, where they belong, sharing them in my own way, rarely through words.

The most infinitely sad part of religious competition, is that as long as it exists, there will always be conflict, especially of the violent nature. The bible is packed with examples of people literally fighting for their beliefs, inflicting pain on others because they refuse to believe, or refuse to treat others as equal. I'm a firm believer that violence is not the answer, not to anything, and it never will be.

You don't need others to believe what you do, you need to believe it yourself.