can't stop myself from laughin' no matter how sad these things can be..

it's that feeling, like aching lonely and the need for that person who knows, really knows when you're falling apart. the person who knows that you need someone to agree with you even if you might be wrong. even if it is just for a while.

i'd think it were impossible if i hadn't had it at one point in time or another. it's out there. sometimes i think it was easier to believe it wasn't. always miss something more when you know what it is, how it feels.

don't answer the phone. don't get out of bed. don't lift your tired head. there are only so many things to do in a day with no meaning. forget yourself, forget breathing. this weight on me like the entire world. nobody's on my side, nobody seems to see how much, how deep, how far these things can be..

it's sad stuck inside your head with no one to pull you out. sad to stand alone in such a vast universe. sad to see them all go..

sometimes i think that if it were not for a couple little strings..

the fine art of falling apart.