A song by the band "LIVE". I don't intend to document the lyrics here, I do intend to mention something I once saw while in highschool, probably the only thing useful I walked out of there with..

Lightning Crashes is a song about life, death, the passing on of something old and the creation of something new. It's probably one of the most beautiful songs ever written, in my opinion, one of the most thought provoking, inspiring pieces of music to ever grace my ears.

When I was in highschool, we had a presentation of sorts from a group of really talented young actors speaking out against drugs.. now regardless of my stance on drug use, I liked the presentation. One portion dealt with heroin and the things it does to the people who use it.. they had a skit which involved a young man, and his family, and of course, a heroin addiction. There was a lot that built up to the end of it, but what happens is he reaches a stage where the heroin has taken control of his life to the point where he doesn't want to go on living. To set the scene.. he records a message for his parents before he kills himself, and as he records it.. lightning crashes starts to play quietly in the background. As he injects the heroin into his vein (in what I would assume to be an extremely accurate portrayal of an addict), the song gets louder, etc, etc to the part where he actually dies and the song hits its climax, then slowly levels out and eventually ends. I think this was quite the experience for me, really, I'm never ever going to touch heroin so long as I live.. I actually cried when I saw the performance.

It's right up there with the time a friend of mine played piano and sang My Skin by Natalie Merchant at school on her birthday.. it was so achingly beautiful.

Any way, my point is.. Lightning Crashes is potent, and dreamy, so good, I love it. The song Pillar of Davidson is also quite dramatic and .. just briliant. Actually, Throwing Copper is probably my favorite album of all time.