Aside from lightening crashes, this is one of the greatest songs ever written by the band "LIVE." To me, Dance With You is really sad. Maybe it's because it really IS sad, or maybe it's because I relate to this song so much and so personally.

First of all, let me explain a major part. For a lot of my life, my dad has called me "Princess," and as I got older, he also called me "Goddess." This is not to say that I think of myself as a princess being better than everyone, or above anyone, but I definetely have a mentality of one.

Another part of the song I connect with is the fact that the girl in the song seems to have a lot of problems, some seem to be violent or emotional. I am a very emotional person, too much sometimes. It can be very hard for those who are close to me because sometimes, I get very upset and have a very rough time. To others, it seems like I might not even make it through these battles, and for those who are close to me, they desperately want to find a way to reduce my pain and ache.

I really relate to the first stanza becuase there is this goddess who has so much going on that she can't take it. Somehow, she dies, which I think is the symbolization of her "sleeping." Once she sleeps, she is subdued in all her rage. Her lover, who is with her at the time, realizes that she is above him so much, not being better, but by experience. She has had to go through so much more in her life than he has, or ever will. As if he is the one singing, he wants to "dance with her." The dancing is not literal, only a symbolization of wanting to be with her in Heaven, in her now-perfect world. She has shown him what life is all about, battling and battling until the end. "After eons of war," she has nothing left. She is no longer able to carry on with her life. He knows this, and cannot bare to carry on his life without her. Life in this world is not what he wants; he wants her, troubles or not, to be in his world, or he to be in hers. It is a tragic love song.

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