So very.. white flame across the dark, his slender fingers slide, connect with mine. He is my dangerous love, my fall apart together, my end. Our bodies, snakes in the grass and this is how we will feel - secret, alone, writhing cold and raw. Touch - soft falling along the spine, this is a slow crawl and then autumn leaves. I am cold fingertips, I am your rain. We are a storm, all fierce and push and thrust you inside - we are crashing slipping electric we are one. I forgot to kiss him, all the while.. our lips are soft quiver in the sun-drenched morning dust.

He is arms folded staring into the city neon, hand across heart living breathing tasting the fragility of flesh and bone. Here is the night trapped inside of us - here is the dream of nothing sleep forever machine we've become.

In the night the world spreads out, past the orange glow street light play across the pavement there is nothing. Small trees kept awake by your always flashlight, staining the leaves midnight red.

Taken - by hand, by heart, by eyes and fear. These are heavy heads for the new world, filled with where now why this who are you?