I'm really glad that I didn't watch this movie until just today, long after the millenium crap was over and done with. If the world had ended, I would have wasted about two hours of what precious little time I had left.

"With your last breath, you shall bare witness to the crappiest movie ever made!"

I admit there were a few good parts, but Arnold needs to stick to his hardcore action thrillers, he pulls them off quite well in my opinion. He has trouble developing characters when he actually has to speak to do so. Regardless of the acting in the movie, some of which was excellent, the real reason I'm noding about this movie at all is this..

The thing I really disliked about the whole deal was the way they used religion as a tool of fear, which is how it is used quite often any way. That doesn't mean they had to follow suit. I also disliked the creature/monster type thing they used to represent the devil near the end. What was that? I really thought that just made the entire movie incredibly unrealistic. I guess it was any way, but that was like icing on the proverbial cake. Not to mention, I'm quite tired of these completely stupid religious awakening movies.

If you're going to produce one of these babies, could you at least make it like Stigmata and cover somewhat interesting, or even, God forbid, new ground?