I was in NYC again, a part I didn't actually go to, though it had bits and pieces of the places I did see while I was there scattered about the dreamscape.

I was walking with yossarian, telling him to slow down a little because he was leaving me behind and I was afraid that I'd get lost in a crowd or even in the slightly hectic streets. He slowed a bit and I asked if I could hold his hand so that we didn't get separated, and then we carried on. We met up with some people I did not know, and went to a "youth club", which was slightly peculiar. There was a bar, but we did not go into it, we simply sat outside and a young man came up and asked me and yoss if we wanted to listen to music. We paid him with little token things, yoss bought mine for me, they were five dollars (we used Canadian currency, oddly enough). After I listened to what I think was Matthew Good Band for a while, and he listened to whatever it was he was listening to, some other people showed up.

Now, I don't know exactly what ideath looks like, but I distinctly recall her and yoss curled up on a couch, and being really comfortable with eachother. They were laughing and then, mindlessly, yoss leaned over and kissed ideath quickly, the casual kiss of two lovers who were oh so used to eachother's lips, arms, presence. She looked shocked, and yoss apologized profusely, ideath was thinking, "what about fez?" (I could hear her thoughts, bless you dreamland), and then, she looked up into yoss's eyes and kissed him again. I forget what they said to eachother after that, I just remember thinking something bad was going to come of it all.

And then, I was in Boston, in my dreamy leetle one's bedroom and we were cuddled up on one of his chairs. I was laying my head on him, running my fingers through his chest hair and it was oh so dreamy.

All in all, a decent night of dreams..