oh, but you've gone and stumbled and, you are ahead of yourself, again.. this time, it is more than thoughts.

there are no words to describe memory sometimes, how it fills and the lost time that swirls about taunting, daring you to try and hold it with your old so young weary fingers. i hadn't forgotten, of course not, no and.. no, i don't know why she does that and, i wish i knew how to turn away troubles, yours, mine.

the morning was cold but i am not so frail as to notice, though sometimes i think that the wind seeps into my ears and numbs my brain bits, it makes the universe seem more those times.

i've never understood the mentality
of a doctor's office, the way that
all the sick little humans huddle
into one crowded area, so that they
might end up leaving with brand new
illness seething aboot their poor
brain support systems.

we went there and slow, always. i don't mind so much, i watched a young woman tend to her children and hold them to her as if they'd not live through another day were it not for eachother. it was peculiar, almost sort of. of. fo.

i spent the day with my father and we talked and it was almost nice to get out of the house, but not really. we tested out furniture. yes, we tested out the furniture in two stores, and we walked through a grocery store, marvelling at the crazy amounts of food. there is never so much food around here. we ate lunch, chinese, i was ready to order right away.. i was so decisive. this would mean more to the random masses, if they weren't so random.

i feel so far away from you. i don't like it.