Shave and a nodermeet, one bit

Half (well, a little more) of the the meet is over. And... well, for the parts I was there for, it was very interesting. eien_meru and I drove up on friday morning, but we had to stop by ada, ohio first. Which is two hours from where we came from (middletown, ohio). Columbus is 1.5 hours. From both places.


What was even worse was what Eien went up to Ada for. He went there in order to attend a sort of little math thingy (Crazy math major)... which he said would take an hour. "Fine," I said. "I'll wait in the car and read Breakfast of Champions."

So.. two and a half hours later, eien_meru returns. Do not leave small children, dogs, or cats unattended in a car with the windows down in the heat.

Anyway, we manage to get to ccunning and karma debt's place. Swap was there already, as well as Cletus the foetus... and some other people... Walter, I think. Maybe. After that it's all a blur. Wiccanpiper showed up, and proceeded to prove that he is both crazy and awesome. Izubachi died of dysentery. Um... There was a pie made not of pie, but of meat. Jurph was kept away from fire.

The NY crew showed up somewhere around 1:30AM, and Zack and I went to Kroger's to find applesauce. Then there was sleeping.

Next morning was hot, and avalyn didn't help by making VERY SPICY ranchos neuavos (or whatever the hell they were). Then a good game of munchkin was played, involving rogue_poet, Andrew Aguecheek, and two sheds. Anyway, I attained the title of "highest bonus ever" at a whopping +52... but I lost.

More info once I get back to Middletown. Bye.