Though the Hydrox was, indeed, discontinued once the parent company was bought out and oreos no longer contained unkosher/nonveg ingredients, they have been put out for sale again recently -- in September of 2008, to be precise.

While I never experienced this myself (probably because I didn't pay attention) it does seem like the cookies had a dedicated Jewish following. Why is this? Are they better because we can eat them? Is it because they're as close as we can get to the commercialized American cookie, the Oreo?*

Are we, as Jews, a mostly invisible minority, attached to these cookies as a way of trying to assimilate more and more? Are they, like so much else in Judaism, a reminder that we're always different, even if it's in a way that's not immediately relevant?

If so, why cling to the cookies now? The big competitor is kosher-certified. And it's not like they're part of my childhood or anything.

Maybe I'll pick up a box.

*as compared to the homemade american cookie, of course -- chocolate chip.