Every guy's hidden desire, to be a woman for a day, explore their domain, then, once the day's over, report back to your fellow men.

Admit it, you know you've considered it, at least briefly, for a few seconds. Just consider all the knowledge you'd come back with, all the things you'd see, not only would you come back enlightened, and closer to Zen, but you would be able to use your newfound understanding for your own ends.

Getting dates with that cute girl you saw in that lecture today would be a breeze, you know things (having never been a woman for a day, i wouldn't know!) now, after all!

Those other guys are going to be jealous! Think of all the money you're going to make, selling off your knowledge, which will also, incidentally, fund your insane lust for world power.

! Only on e2 folks, only on e2