A slight tap on the shoulder was the
only warning I got before she
invited herself to the empty seat on my right.

Comfortable, as buses go.
Or at least it was a moment ago.
Please don't tell anyone I'm in town, I say
getting a word in before she started her magic.
All I want you to do is remind me
that you're the reason why I came back.

We can make spiderwebs from the oak trees.
Do shots of NyQuil all night long and
spin and dangle upside down from the branches
like children from monkey bars and I'll pull your hair
and I'll take your lunch money when you're not looking and I
might even grin when you say give it back, give it back and

we will love and play and accept that they are the same and I will
learn how to hunger for you again,
if I know it will help you breathe.

But, this will all come tomorrow.
In the meantime while you're just sitting there
I can't resist your shoulder, so soft, convenient, I need to
sleep here if you think you could wait.