Pet sharing is a great idea for people who are too busy or move around too much to take care of a pet independently. The way it works is that a group of people agree to share a pet, or one person who already has a pet is kind enough to share it with others.

I first did this when living in an apartment building / condominiums in Cleveland, Ohio. Brian had bought a cat, and this cat just loved people. So, if we wanted, Brian would let us take the cat to our own apartments for a day or a night. It worked out great! The cat loved having different places to go and Brian never had to board it when he went out of town.

Susan offered to share her dog, but we were all in agreement that her little dog was annoying.

Then, when I was living in an apartment complex in Florida, my neighbors let me walk there black lab whenever I wanted. And I could take care of it when they were on vacation! That was fun - the dog loved walking the beach and could walk (run) three miles easily.

Now I live in another apartment complex in North Carolina and my upstairs neighbors let me play with their cat whenever I want. They also water my plants for me when I'm away.

Pet sharing works for me because I travel anywhere from 25% to 100% of the time and would never be able to take care of a pet on my own. So I really appreciate all of the great neighbors I've had over the years!!

Has anyone else ever shared pets?