The undisputed heavyweight boxing champion of the world on The Simpsons, Tatum is a caricature of Mike Tyson. Tatum was jailed for pushing his mother down a flight of stairs; he tells the parole board that if he had the chance to go back to that day, he would seriously reconsider it. Upon his release from jail, his promoter Lucius Sweet sets him up for a comeback fight against Homer Simpson.

Most aspects of this Simpsons episode make light of Mike Tyson: Drederick Tatum has a very high-pitched voice despite weighing well in excess of 200 pounds. His whiny-sounding voice has the power to stop a prison riot after saying "Hey guys, come on, shut up." Tatum returns to quietly eating peas after restoring order. After being released from jail, Don King set Tyson up to fight Pete McNeely. The Tyson-McNeely fight lasted exactly 87 seconds, until McNeely's trainers stepped into the ring to stop the fight. Homer didn't last that long, it would appear: his manager Moe Scyzlak swooped into the ring using gear stolen from the Fan Man and airlifted Homer out of the arena.